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June 11, 2014

TooFAX lance de nouvelles solutions Fax pour les PMEs

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Le prestataire français de services de fax TooFAX présente ses nouvelles solutions qui répondent aux besoins réels des petites et moyennes entreprises (PMEs). Les offres TooFAX combinent les avantages du fax par internet et par email avec des formules simples, économiques et sans engagement pour une communication fax flexible et efficace.

TooFAX a créé des offres mensuelles “tout compris” et sans engagements avec des crédits inclus reportables sur le mois suivant. Les entreprises peuvent tester et utiliser le service de fax sans engagement ni installation, à prix réduit. Si besoin, l’utilisateur peut acheter des crédits additionnels, qui sont valides pendant toute la période du pack. La réception des fax est gratuite et illimitée pour toutes les offres.

Tous les packs TooFAX incluent un numéro de fax français local et des outils fax qui aident les utilisateurs à gérer et sécuriser leur communication fax.  La portabilité du numéro fax en France…

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Lineadefax.es – nuevo proveedor español local de servicios de fax por Internet

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Lineadefax.es, un nuevo servicio español de fax por Internet ha lanzado recientemente su sitio web y las ofertas de envío de faxes con el objetivo de combinar las ventajas tanto del correo electrónico como del fax por Internet y para facilitar a la gente de negocios la gestión de su comunicación por fax.


es la venta mensual de las ofertas “todo incluido” con créditos transferibles para el envío de fax incluido, por lo que tanto las empresas grandes como las empresas pequeñas pueden utilizar el servicio de fax sin ningún compromiso a largo plazo y a precios muy bajos. En la necesidad, el usuario puede comprar crédito adicional para los envíos de fax que es válido para todo el período de la suscripción. La recepción de los faxes es gratis e ilimitada para todos los planes.

Además de eso, todas las ofertas incluyen un número de fax local…

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Popfax.com is now fully native with its updated fax app for Apple devices

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Popfax built Popcompanion fax app for iOS to bring a modern faxing experience to businesses and to help professionals send fax anywhere, anytime. Popfax advances this vision and introduces new manageability, mobility, security, user experience and networking capabilities – with the goal of offering customers a powerful iOS fax software designed for today’s modern businesses.

Below is a list of some of the new and updated features in Popcompanion 1.7 with regard to IOS User scenarios, easy management of Popfax account, enhanced performance, mobility and security.

Advanced search
The updated Popcompanion allows to search faxes and SMS messages in folders as well as to make global search requests in the account: by content, contact name or contact number.

Search results management
The documents from search requests can be deleted, moved to other folders, forwarded directly in the search interface.

Improved Popfax Box user interface
The Inbox/Outbox menu, Folders and Search field are displayed in the left part of the new Popcompanion user interface – for easy access to main Popfax box sections.

Contact details displayed in the Inbox/Outbox
The names of contacts (if used during faxing process) are displayed along with numbers in the list of sent and received faxes, as well as for SMS messages.  

Print faxes through Apple Wi-Fi printers
The Wi-Fi Direct Printing allows to print faxes to Apple Wi-Fi printers without adding additional drivers or software on the Apple device, forming a peer-to-peer network between the device and the printer.

SMS Character counter
The remaining number of bytes (characters) in standard SMS messages (160 bytes) is counted and displayed in the message textbox.

Numbers of contacts in groups
For every group of contacts there is displayed the number of contacts contained in it.

Improved application performance and speed
The optimized software architecture renders a faster speed and a better performance of the application.

Enhanced offline-mode behavior
Improvements have been made in offline-mode – to better support users who are always on the move, by allowing them to better handle their Popfax account without having an active Internet connection.

These are just some of the key features available in Popcompanion 1.7. All iPhone and iPad users are encouraged to test out and try these fax features on their devices and to evaluate the updated Popcompanion for use both in the work environment and out of the office. To note that an active Popfax account with subscription to a Send and Receive pack + options is required in order for some of these features to be available.

The application is now available in the AppStore.

April 16, 2014

Fax Gateway from Popfax

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Fax Gateway from popfax

Fax number free portability

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Fax number free portability

Fax Free Online

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Fax Free Online

Popfax.com Free Fax Trial >>>

Special Easter Gift from Popfax – « Free Option Pack » only in April !

The international provider of Internet fax solutions Popfax.com is running a special Offer for its new and existing customers – the opportunity to use the entire range of the advanced fax features at no extra cost during the month of April.

The mobility is playing an ever-increasing role in the contemporary business, providing the mobile workforce of companies with a new level of communication freedom. The commercial benefits associated with greater mobility have become a great stimulus for enterprises looking to move their traditional means of communication towards cloud-based online fax and messaging solutions.

In order to accelerate the transition of every company fax communication to the Cloud, Popfax is offering a special „Easter price” for its most popular fax solution „Send / Receive” and provides all productivity features for free (from 1st to 30th of April).


All customers who will subscribe to Send / Receive Fax pack by 30th of April 2014, will benefit from:

- a dedicated local fax number or free portability of the existent number;

- an online account which can be used for faxing anywhere and anytime from  PC, tablet or smartphone;
– free and unlimited fax reception;
– free mobile fax application “Popcompanion mobile” compatible with iOS, Android and Blackberry operating systems;

With Option Pack activated for 1 month for free, all Popfax customers will be able to:

- Send fax email
- Send personalized faxes
– Send Registered faxes
– Receive faxes at multiple email addresses
– Use OCR in order to easily fetch and organize all bills, statements, and documents sent or received by fax
– Set up a welcome message and receive voice mails
– Organize conference calls
– Group contacts by department, company etc.

Why bother with costly, inefficient and outdated technology solutions? Popfax provides its customers with the latest online fax solution that is safe, secure, private and can be delivered directly to your email inbox, at any time, anywhere in the world.

The Popfax Business Support team will be glad to assist customers with any questions, suggestions or issues. Clients can contact the support team via the contact form or can request a “Call me back” from the top of the main page.

Popfax Team is wishing everyone a Happy Easter and invites all companies to take advantage of this Spring Holyday Offer.

February 21, 2014

Meet the new updated Popcompanion 1.5 for iOS: mobile fax app for iPhone and iPad

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Today Popfax is introducing a new version of its mobile fax app for iPhone and iPad, with a refreshed design that looks and works great on iOS 7, an improved image cropping function and closer integration with native Apple products. The update is also compatible with iOS 6, iOS 5 and iOS 4.

The PopCompanion app for iOS is a handy tool for scanning and faxing documents with an iPhone or iPad to any national or international fax number, or to multiple fax numbers at once. Popfax has recently updated its mobile fax application, which now supports all Apple devices running iOS from version 4.3 to 7.1.

What’s New in Version 1.5.

  • Scanning within native Apple camera interface. iPhone and iPad users can now scan documents in Popcompanion app using the familiar interface of their native Apple camera.
  • Connection with Photo Library. The app is now more tightly integrated with other Apple products. Popcompanion 1.5 lets users choose images from their Photo Library and fax them right away.
  • Perspective Cropping incorporated in the Popfax mobile app enables users to isolate different planes within an image and crop to correct distortions caused by perspective.


  • Improved image Thresholding. As before, Popcompanion offers options for image processing. A major new update is the improved quality of thresholded images.
  • Inbox Badge Alert in the menu bar notifies users of incoming faxes. The badge number indicates the number of new unread faxes.


  • Improved graphic design with new icons that match the look of iOS 7.
  • Drag-down for manually refreshing the fax listing, to update changes and check for new faxes.
  • Offline Mode. The application now allows users to manage faxes and folders, contacts and groups, send faxes and SMS through PopCompanion even without an Internet connection. PopCompanion 1.5 puts actions in a queue, waiting for the next network connection to synchronize. When the user returns online, the PopCompanion mobile application will automatically synchronize with the Popfax account.

Popfax clients both professionals and businesses now have unprecedented access to their faxes, whether they are working in the office or on the road. Popfax goal is more than ever to make fax communication easier and more effective for everyone. This update can be downloaded from the App Store. All interested in the PopCompanion app are welcome to let the Popfax team know what they think of the update by writing a comment on our Facebook page, or tweeting @Popfax.

January 31, 2014

The winner of the Popfax Promo Sharing Contest has been announced

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The winner of the Popfax Promo Sharing Contest has been announced

The Popfax Winter Promotion is over. Customers who purchased the Promotional Offer were asked to share a short message about their subscription on Facebook, Twitter or G+, in order to be in with a chance of having their purchase refunded. All shares and entries have been collected, and a winner has been selected through a random 1/100 draw.
And the winner is…
AAF International

  • Prize: Full refund of promo purchase
  • Winning Share:

Popfax thanks its customers for their trust in Popfax services and for sharing the Winter Promotional Offer on social media sites.

All users of social networks are welcome to follow Popfax on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and share their experience and opinions.

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December 18, 2013

The long awaited Popfax Promo -40% has been launched!

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The long awaited Popfax Promo -40% has been launched!

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