Popfax giveaways fo you this Summer of 2015

Beginning July 20th, 2015, Popfax is running a Special Summer Promo that entitles new and existing customers to receive a special gift.

Beginning July 20th, 2015, Popfax, the global provider of telecom services including fax via internet, voice mails, conference calls, SMS sending and online mail postage, is offering a Special Summer Promotion.

popfax summer offer

Each new or existing customer who purchase an Internet fax package for Sending and Receiving faxes will receive a coupon for 3 months of subscription with all options included.

Those wishing to receive the voucher code should visit www.popfax.com access the promotion banner, and subscribe to a 1 year Send & Receive package and Options pack. After completing the process, an automatical email would be received within several minutes an it contains the gift we have promissed to you: 3 months of subscription including the Option pack.

Existing customers are also entitled to the Popfax Summer Offer. By extending their Popfax account with the 1 year Send & Receive package and Option pack they will also receive a voucher code with the gift mentioned above.

Every participant in this promotion can use this offer either for extending their own Popfax account or give it to a friend or a business partner, so that they can also become Popfax clients.

By taking advantage of this Special Offer, Popfax is enabling participants to save more than 34% this summer.

The Popfax Offer is valid until the 21st August, 2015 and open to all the locations Popfax provides local fax numbers or its portability offer. For more details about the global distribution of Popfax services, visit the Popfax worldwide page.

The offer is also valid for purchases from the Popfax.com website and the iTunes store, where Popfax has its mobile faxing app, Popcompanion

At the same time, Popfax is running a permanent social media offer, inviting customers to review, rate and share the Popfax Facebook Page and links to the mobile fax app Popcompanion in app stores: Popfax rewards reviewers with 100 PopUnits that they can use to send 100 online fax pages, 50 SMS messages or about 5 postal mails.

Thanks to Popfax services, customers can access their digital office in the cloud anywhere at any time. Popfax provides plenty of interfaces accessible through every mobile device: responsive website, email, printer driver, desktop applications and the fully featured mobile app Popcompanion, available for iOS, Android and Blackberry devices.


Sign your faxes online with just a few clicks on your PC or mobile device

There are wide-spread situations when a just received contract via fax email service is supposed to be signed and faxed back. Or there’s a PDF / Word document needed to be printed on paper, hand-signed, then scanned and sent by fax. That process is time consuming and returns users to paperwork that they are trying so hard to avoid.

Popfax is working hard to achieve that perfect paperless fax service and now it is eliminating paper from the loop by providing its users with incorporated Digital signature tool that allows capturing signature directly on the electronic document without requiring paper or ink.
How to Digitally Sign Documents with Popfax

The first step is to create a digital image of a signature – there are multiple ways of doing that:

Option #1. Upload signature
1. Scan signature using a scanner device or take a photo using a smartphone or tablet.
2. Save the image file in one of the following formats: JPG, PNG, GIF and max file size of 8MB.
3. Upload the saved signature file to Popfax account.

Option #2. Draw signature
The draw feature allows user to draw his signature directly in the Popfax interface.

Option #3. Type signature
User can type his name and/or surname in one of 4 available fonts and use it as signature for documents and faxes signing.

Option #4. Upload signature by email
Upload signature by sending an email with an image attached to sign@popfax.com from the email address registered in the Popfax account. Subject and Body of the email can be empty.
Signature Editor allows to crop, rotate and adjust threshold of the created signature image.

The next step involves putting the e-signature image into the document. Also it is possible to insert the Date and as free text the company details like: name, address, contact phone number, email, etc.

The last step is sending the Signed document by fax by clicking on “Save and send by fax”.

Faxes editing and digital signature tool on iPhone and iPad

With Popfax, user has one account, with one login that he can access from his tablet, smartphone, desktop and laptop, online and by email.

The fax app for iOS supports digital signature and documents editing. iPhone and iPad users can install the last 4.0.0 version of Popcompanion fax software for iOS and start to:

  • edit and sign faxes both sent from or received in Popfax account, and resend them to any fax number.
  • create signatures by drawing, taking a picture or selecting a photo with a signature from photo library; or use signatures previously saved in section „Signatures” of Popfax account.
  • create editable documents by taking a picture with camera, browsing them from photo library or from other applications by using function “Open With”.

*All these functions can be used in offline mode.

Go mobile, Go paperless with Popfax >
Start sending, receiving, storing and signing faxes from any device.

El servicio español de Fax por Internet de Lineadefax.es le ofrece al abonarse un número local de fax en España o en Estados Unidos, o la portabilidad gratuita del número

Lineadefax.es, un nuevo servicio español de fax por Internet ha lanzado recientemente su sitio web y las ofertas de envío de faxes con el objetivo de combinar las ventajas tanto del correo electrónico como del fax por Internet y para facilitar a la gente de negocios la gestión de su comunicación por fax.

Linea de fax

Lineadefax es la venta mensual de las ofertas “todo incluido” con créditos transferibles para el envío de fax incluido, por lo que tanto las empresas grandes como las empresas pequeñas pueden utilizar el servicio de fax sin ningún compromiso a largo plazo y a precios muy bajos. En la necesidad, el usuario puede comprar crédito adicional para los envíos de fax que es válido para todo el período de la suscripción. La recepción de los faxes es gratis e ilimitada para todos los planes.

Además de eso, todas las ofertas incluyen un número de fax local español. Los Suscriptores pueden optar entre obtener un número de fax en la región en que hacen negocios o mantener su número actual mediante el servicio de portabilidad del número de fax que se proporciona de forma gratuita.

El nuevo servicio de fax permite a sus clientes enviar y recibir faxes, tanto desde la interfaz web como desde su cuenta de correo electrónico (Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo, etc), que se utilizó en la creación de la cuenta.

Los usuarios también tienen la posibilidad de personalizar su portada y enviar faxes profesionales en todo el mundo.

Otra característica valiosa proporcionada por Lineadefax es la indexación del fax y el Reconocimiento Óptico de Caracteres de los faxes recibidos. Esta característica identifica todo el contenido textual de un fax (que en realidad es un archivo de imagen) y lo convierte en un texto seleccionable. Esto les da a los profesionales de negocios la posibilidad de buscar fácilmente sus faxes en su PC utilizando palabras clave relevantes a partir del contenido del fax que están buscando y copiar, pegar y reutilizar el contenido del fax.

“A partir de hoy, todas las empresas españolas pueden beneficiarse del servicio de fax por Internet de bajo coste de Lineadefax.es sin compromiso a largo plazo y sin ningún tipo de instalación de software o hardware. Creamos especialmente los paquetes mensuales “todo incluido” adecuados para cualquier uso del fax “, dijo Vladimir Popesco el Director General de POPFAX, la empresa proveedora de Lineadefax.
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Líneadefax | Su línea de fax por Internet dedicada

Lineadefax.es, un nuevo servicio español de fax por Internet ha lanzado recientemente su sitio web y las ofertas de envío de faxes con el objetivo de combinar las ventajas tanto del correo electrónico como del fax por Internet y para facilitar a la gente de negocios la gestión de su comunicación por fax.

Updated Fax App for Android and Special Summer Price from Popfax.com

In this Summer, Popfax has released an update of its application for Android and introduced a new interface that allows users to edit, fill-in and sign documents online from the web interface, with no need to print. To benefit from all these extended capabilities Popfax has launched its Special Summer Promotion and invites all to make the most of it.

Fax app for Android

The new release of the Popcompanion Mobile app for Android allows easier organization of faxes, various ways of fax creation, Large and multiple fax sendings and an automatic synchronization of all fax operations launched while in offline.

Popcompanion is everything Android users need to efficiently organize their Internet fax communication. Users can now take advantage of all that Android can do with documents, images, smart folders and system browsing of specific online fax operations.

This fax app for Android can be downloaded for free from the Google Play™ Store.

On the Web Popfax users can now edit, fill-in and sign documents and faxes online before sending them by fax. Faxes and documents stored in the Cloud are now also indexed and quickly accessible thanks to Popfax’s built-in OCR and related search features, so Popfax clients can free themselves from paper documents and always take their fax communication with them.

To benefit from all these extended capabilities, the Global Online Fax Service, Popfax.com has launched its SPECIAL SUMMER PROMOTION and invites all current and new customers to make the most of it.

fax free

Between now and August 25th, customers will save 40% when subscribing to a 2-year Popfax Promotional Pack. To access this offer, simply go to http://www.popfax.com, click on Special Summer Offer and proceed to payment – the 40% discount is already included in the price.

The Promotional Summer Pack includes:

Long-term fax service – 2-year subscription with a local fax number in any of 22 countries / free number portability.

Free and unlimited fax reception.

500 fax pages for sending included.

Full Option Pack (Cloud storage, Online edit and sign, Mail to fax, OCR, Registered fax, etc.)

This offer is for a limited time only, so make the most of it now.

Get this offer right now!